‘Bard of Blood’ Netflix Review – Is it worth watching?

With ‘Sacred Games’ becoming a huge hit, Netflix is taking up more content from India; the latest being ‘Bard of Blood’ starring Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, Jaideep Ahlawat, Vineet Kumar, and others. With Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan as two of the producers, the expectations from the web series skyrocketed much before its release. The current IMDB rating of the web series is 7.4, which clearly shows that ‘Bard of Blood’ did manage to strike the Indian audience in a positive way. While our overall review for the series is good, there are noteworthy flaws as well.

Taking up the good part first, the actors gave one of their best performances. The story line and the plot of the web series is satisfactory as you won’t find a single boring moment. After completing an episode, you will be compelled to go for the next one and it won’t be a surprise if you cover all the episodes in one sitting.

That’s how this amazing espionage story grips you. Please note that Ladakh, Rajasthan, and Delhi were the shooting locations for the web series; however, the way cross-border regions especially Baluchistan is portrayed; you won’t be able to notice that the entire shooting happened in India only. You can also check out this: 6 Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2020.

Bard of Blood Review
Bard of Blood Review

Coming to the flaws, the first one that might strike you is an agent (Sobhita Dhulipala) with no field training is sent with Emraan Hashmi on her first field assignment directly to Baluchistan. Moreover, the actress is portrayed that she has zero knowledge of gun handling; however, when the web series gears for the climax, you will see her wielding an AK-47 and using the same without any discomfort or issues. Read ‘Joker’ Movie Complete Review from our top notch movie buff.

Then, coming to the typical Bollywood style action; our protagonist Emraan Hashmi can kill terrorists with few punches; however, the so-called trained terrorists are falling flat in their attempts to slay the protagonist. This can be seen in the scene where our three leading actors (Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, and Vineet Kumar) are fighting against innumerable terrorists; but none of the bullets from the terrorists manage to kill them. On the other hand, the terrorists are definitely dying as if they are magnetically attracting all the bullets fired by our three Indian spies. Towards the end, when Emraan Hashmi is stabbed three times in the gut, he still manages to get up, run, and beat the hell out of the bad guys. Also, check this guide on 5 Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime in 2020.

Overall, sparing it of its flaws, ‘Bard of Blood’ is indeed a must watch on Netflix. Moreover, the intensity with which your curiosity will grip you while watching the series; you won’t notice or think much on the flaws. So, go on and stream ‘Bard of Blood’ on Netflix.

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