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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
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The 2020 Academy Awards are just around the corner on February 9, 2020, 5:00 PM GMT – 8. This year we have a lot of great films and it will be fun to see who bags the Oscar for the best movie. There are several front runners for the top award and we are as eager as you to finally know who gets the crown.

In this post, we are going to have a look on 5 of the possible contenders for the best movie. You can check out: Best Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime in 2020.

5 Critically Acclaimed Movies That Deserve to Bag the Oscar

  1. Ford V Ferrari

With Matt Damon and Christian Bale in the lead, Ford V Ferrari is a treat to watch. Though the film is close to 150 minutes, the audience are gripped to their seats for the entire duration. The movie outlines the story of automotive engineer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) and British driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale), who are hired by Henry Ford II for constructing Ford GT40, with a mission to finally defeat Ferrari at 1966 24 Hours Le Mans. The cool thing is that Ford V Ferrari is the first film with an auto-racing theme to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

Ford Vs Ferrari
Ford Vs Ferrari
  1. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the film ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ is a testimonial to the last days of the golden age of Hollywood. Featuring 1969 Los Angeles and a cast led by Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie, the story simply moves around an actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt man (Brad Pitt) who tread through the altering film industry.Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

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  1. Joker

Here we are to one of the best performances of the actor Joaquin Phoenix. Struggling in life as a clown and a stand-up comedian, Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is forced to his limits by the society and he turns up into a killer. The dark, creepy, and a vulnerable portrayal of Batman’s most famous enemy, the Joker, by Joaquin Phoenix is simply phenomenal.JOKER MOVIE REVIEW

  1. 1917

In what it seems like one continuous shot, 1917 tells us the story of two British World War I soldiers, who have to go across the entire enemy dominion to hand-deliver a message that will rescue close to 1600 soldiers (including one of the messenger’s own brother) from a definite death.

1917 Movie Review
1917 Movie

The two messengers being played by George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, face all odds along their way, with one trouble leading to another keeping the audience gripped to their seats and finally giving way to an amazing climax scene.

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  1. The Irishman

Written by Steven Zaillian, directed and produced by Martin Scorsese, The Irishman is a 2019 American crime movie based on the 2004 book I Heard You Paint Houses (non-fiction). With cast led by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, the film had a limited release in theaters on Nov 1, 2019, and finally it was released worldwide on Netflix on Nov 27, 2019.


The film has a run time of 209 minutes and it received critical acclaim for the flawless direction and the impeccable performances by the lead cast.

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