Why Movies & TV Shows are Important in One’s Life?

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We all love watching movies and TV shows. Almost, every alternate weekend, we have a movie plan with our friends or family. But, did we ever wonder the importance of movies & TV shows in one’s life? None of us have spared a moment to delve deep into the necessity of movies and TV shows.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the same. You can also check out this: 6 Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2020.

Why Movies & TV Shows matter?

  • We learn from the movies

Though cinematic liberties are taken into account whenever a movie or a TV series is made, we still learn a lot from the movies about the world that used to be and the one in which we are currently living.


Ten years from now, we won’t remember what we are currently reading; however, we will remember the movies that we are watching.

  • Movies are instrumental in bringing a change in society

Motion pictures have a strong ability to bring in social change. Movies especially that are made on social issues heavily influence the viewers to bring in necessary changes, feel empathy, and raise questions to the government.

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  • Motion pictures have the ability to motivate and inspire us

We can relate the events of our life with what happens in a movie. As an example, if you have just gone through a relationship breakdown, you are bound to cry when you will watch a tragic love story as you can relate the challenges that you are facing in your own life to the behavior of the characters in the movie.

A comedy movie gives us the much needed light-hearted relief that we need in our modern stressful lives. Read ‘Joker’ Movie Complete Review from here.

If we are depressed, a motivating movie is bound to inspire us to rise up and take the baton of our lives into our own hands.

Overall, we can say that movies and TV series serve as a route to temporary escape from our world and enter into a new one that can bring about the much-needed positive changes in our lives. Even psychologists agree to the positive impact a motion picture can have on our lives. In fact, cinema-therapy is utilized widely by psychologists from all over the globe.

  • Movies & TV series are an essential element in our social lives

In the present fast-paced lives that we are leading, movies are a best way to get social. Almost, all of us tend to go for a movie with our friends or family. Even though we have streaming services on our smartphones, the frenzy and the excitement associated with watching a movie in a multiplex remains the same.

The experience of watching a movie with your friend or life-partner in a multiplex cannot be compared to watching the same on the small screen of your mobile device or laptop.

Conclusion – Benefits of watching movies and TV shows

Above mentioned are not the only benefits of movies and TV shows as there exists plenitude more. Overall, we can safely say that movies and TV shows hold an important position in our lives which is irreplaceable with any other element.

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